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Like a vast majority of early childhood educators I live paycheck to paycheck. Since I was 18 I’ve always had a second source of income. I’ve tried to ensure that that source was as much fun as possible and offered a balance of work/play. My W2s for 2020 show a balance below 28K. A decade ago any savings I had went into a home investment that ended up falling apart. It was a costly blessing in disguise, though. I’ve tried to rebuild a savings, but medical bills then car payments have made it difficult. Financial challenges and set backs are a part of everyone’s life. If I do nothing more than break even with Fairy Godmother gigs and my creations, it helps provide that much needed balance in my life. If I have an abundant gig or month I try to get ahead on bills and occasionally indulge in a decadent sushi dinner or a costly trip to the craft store. Creativity is vital for me, and I am fortunate enough to be able to continue creating, no matter how challenging things may get. I am also excessively lucky to have a supportive sister who always has my back. Thank you, Edie😘 I also have amazing friends who encourage and support my creativity. I’m looking at you Holly, Valerie, and Chris❤️ I may be one of the 99%, but I also know that I am truly blessed💯

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